Looking for a good ghost story?

One of the illustrations by Dan Janota to my new collection of stories of the strange and supernatural:

“The Ghost-Rat of Wormwood Gate and other Stories”

The book is published in a limited edition of 200 copies.

Paperback, 108 pages with 4 illustrations

Price: Euro 10.00 plus postage


The Spaniard’s Ring

The Ghost-Rat of Wormwood Gate

The Return of Barney Duggan

Reflections in a Rococo Garden

The Church Tower

This is Your Karaoke Life


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Book plus postage



‘They could see, suspended in the mirk some way below the surface, the soles of a pair of boots whose gentle, inanimate motion left no doubt that they were attached to the lifeless body of their owner.’


The past is a foreign country, it has been said – but are the natives friendly?

A malevolent rat from ancient Egypt takes up residence in a weaver’s home in eighteenth-century Dublin; a restless spirit is unleashed when a fourteenth-century church tower is restored; a holiday in Japan ends in a rather unusual karaoke parlour, and festivities end in fatalities in a rococo garden in Germany. When history crosses paths with the supernatural, there may be unfinished business to settle.