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After many months at the drawing board (yes, we still use one), we are proud to announce the arrival of two new wallpaper collections for the Summer of 2019.




The seven patterns in the Ormond Papers collection are exact copies of historic Irish patterns from the heyday of wallpaper making in Ireland – the period from around 1800-1840. Carton Damask, used in Carton House around 1820, is an elegantly-composed damask which epitomises the sophisticated use of pattern in high-end interiors of the period, while at the other extreme, Perrin Stripe and Ormond Herb are cheerful, small-scale patterns whose scale and charm will, we think, make them as appealing today as when they were first produced.

Branching out from our traditional catalogue of authentic copies of period patterns, we have developed the World’s End Papers in collaboration with designer Christine Westcott of Westcott and Heaney. These are four new designs, inspired by the decorative motifs used on the eighteenth-century delftware produced for the highly fashion-conscious Irish market in Dublin’s World’s End pottery.

You can read more about the World’s End Papers and the Ormond Papers on our blog.

Our unique archive of Irish period papers is the source of our collection, which includes classic damasks, a late nineteenth-century pattern of shamrocks, Regency stripes, Gothic patterns, and more – all of which can be printed in their original colourings, or may be custom coloured to your own specification. Our bespoke design and print service and friendly, personal approach is popular with anyone who needs quality custom-printed wallpaper in small quantities.