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Our Products

SCREEN PRINTING. Most of our papers are screen-printed by hand in our own studio in County Leitrim. Screen printing is an artisan process which calls for skill and precision on the part of the printer. Each colour is printed using a separate screen, and the paper is hung to dry between each stage in the process. This is why patterns which contain several colours are more expensive than single-colour prints. From colour-mixing to grounding, printing and final trimming, it takes several days to complete most orders.

Our hand-printed wallpapers are screen-printed onto quality base paper using a durable water-based acrylic ink formulated to give the soft, matt finish redolent of historic papers, but which produces papers which are wipeable and easy to hang, in line with modern demands. Rich, opaque colours and metallic pigments are ideally suited to the screen-printing process.

DIGITAL PRINTING. Digital print technology is increasingly becoming an exciting new alternative in the production of bespoke wallpapers. For the designer, the digital process frees pattern from the constraints of repeat lengths, allows an almost unlimited range of colours, and has enabled revolutionary new styles to be produced. For reproducing historic patterns, digital printing means that multi-colour designs can now be reproduced at reasonable cost.

72 Fota Nursery
We have added several digitally-printed papers to our collection, including a Victorian children’s wallpaper incorporating nursery rhymes, and a digital version of ‘Belvedere’ – one of the most colourful and eye-catching of eighteenth-century Irish patterns.
We are currently looking into the possibility of digitally printing Irish eighteenth-century chintz-style patterns onto ungrounded, archival-quality paper . These beautiful wallpapers were originally block-printed and stencilled onto creamy, hand-made paper, and we think that digital printing on archival paper has the potential to capture their essence.